June 25 - 27 - Jackson C (15U) - Tournament

Posted by Jackson Giants on Feb 22 2021 at 08:37AM PST

June 25 – 27 – Jackson C (15U) – Tournament

* Teams :
Green River
Rock Springs*

Friday – June 25
5:00pm – Rock Springs vs. Madison
7:15pm – Madison vs. Jackson Prep
Saturday June 26
12:00am – Rock Springs vs. Jackson
2:15pm – Evanston vs. Madison
4:30pm – Green River vs. Madison
6:45pm – Evanston vs. Green River
Sunday June 27
11:00am – Rock Springs vs. Green River
1:15pm – Rock Springs vs. Evanston
3:30pm – Jackson vs. Evanston
5:45pm – Green River vs. Jackson

Jackson will be home the entire tournament and will use the first base dugout.

10 Run Rule after 4 ½ Innings, 8 Run Rule After 5 Innings (Next Game Will Start 15 Minutes After the Previous Game is Over. Please have your team ready to go so please pay attention to the score. This will ensure that we stay on time and keep the tournament moving)

2 Hour Time Limit. If a game is tied at the end of the time limit or at the end of 7 innings we will go to the California Tie Breaking Rule. Last person out is put on second base with 1 out.

The Cost is $350 Dollars plus a Dozen Diamond Baseballs.

Checks Written Out to: Jackson American Legion Baseball

Please Send Checks or Cash to:

Jason Huggins
P.O. Box 3012
Alpine, Wyoming 83138

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